Tuesday, September 23, 2014

cute hairbows and brooches DIY

hi all!! finally i've got the diy i've promised since i started this blog! let's get started!

hair clips
brooch backs
doo-dads (erasers, googley eyes, gems, letter beads)

step 1. gather supplies and set up. put clips on something to keep them steady if you want.

step 2. put a good amount of glue on your hair clip/brooch back. use a lot, you'd rather have glue strings to cut off than for your things to fall off while you're wearing them!!

step 3. place your decorations on your clip!

here's one that i made with a plastic barrette and googley eyes

here's the other completed ones! i'd love to see what you make, send me pics, ok?!

xo. elisabeth

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