Monday, January 26, 2015

10 things

  1. we got a puppy this weekend / his name is brendon
  2. above pictures are not the puppy
  3. sleater kinney has a new album out and its sooo goood
  4. im trying out doing this type of post
  5. im going to charleston for my birthday
  6. i'll be 18 in two weeks
  7. ive stopped biting my nails and they've started breaking
  8. i got some zines in the mail today
  9. i love zines
  10. i also love honey and yoghurt

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

forgive me, hera, i cannot stay // eShakti review

          when i got an email from eshakti offering to let me choose a dress to cusomize and review i was so excited. like helllllloooo, free stuff is the whole reason i started blogging! (mostly joking) one reason i was so excited is that eshakti has womens sizes 0 through 32, and every piece is customizeable! for my dress, i chose a super cute sweetheart neckline.

        the dress it's self is the perfect size, and probably the best part is that it has pockets. and not like small pockets, these are basically man pockets. you you wouldn't even need a purse with this! the material on the one i chose is a super soft velvet, and the dress is half-lined. i'm in love.

        i am so pleased with eshakti's service. the dress shipped so quickly, i really did not expect it to come as soon as it did! overall, i'm so so so happy with my experiance with eshakti.

use code "TINYGHOSTKID" for 10% off your next order

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