Tuesday, September 1, 2015

GODDESS #1 // Tavi Gevinson

hi all!! sorry for my absence, my computer broke and i just now got a new one. anyway, i'm starting a new series on here called GODDESSES. in my life, i have what i call GODDESSES. they inspire me in everything i do, they inspire me to be my own GODDESS. anyway, on to the article.

TAVI GEVINSON. how do i love thee, let me count the ways. you are my eternal role model. you are what i want to be, a voice for the alternateens. you give no fucks and are fearless. you started your blog, STYLE ROOKIE, when you were a mere 11 years old. 11. eleven. one one. what was i doing when i was 11? i was yelling at my mom and crying a lot. i was problematic. i was a REPUBLICAN for fucks sake. *shudder*

tavi by petra collins (another GODDESS)
so, tavi started style rookie at the tender age of 11. she wore incredibly inventive outfits, caught the eye of some fashion big names, went to NYFW,  wrote articles for harper's bazaar, modeled for rodarte's target clothing line, and like so many other things. before she was 15 years old.

after a while her focus shifted from fashion to pop culture and feminism. seeing as there was a lack of sites made for the "cool teen" demographic, she decided to, ya know, make her own site. bc thats what you do. and thus, ROOKIE MAG was born. and rookie mag, is everything to me. if it weren't for rookie mag, i would not have watched half the movies ive watched, i would not have read weetzie bat, i would not know what intersectional feminism is?????? rookie mag keeps me trained and woke. i owe so much to rookie mag.

tavi in KATHLEEN HANNA's feminist sweater?????????? ugh
so the message here is: tavi is amazing and i'll never be as cool as her.

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