Tuesday, October 28, 2014

that one time i met kathleen hanna

me & THE kathleen hanna

some souvenirs from the day

me and kathleen some more

kathi wilcox

kathleen is the best

kathi (i was standing right in front of her)

silkscreen workshop

super neat vintage store owner (i got some rocks and a neato tin from her)

the back of my vest (patch from Modern Girl Blitz)

me and a super cool super nice woman i met (hi sharmin!)

kathi had the coolest shoes

sooooo on oct 4th i went to this thing and i met kathleen hanna and i died the end

well, not really the end. it was the BEST day of my life. i met so many cool people (tulia! sharmin! KATHLEEN HANNA FOR PETE'S SAKE!) i silkscreened a shirt!

i had a conversation with kathleen about depression (we both kinda ended up crying), i had her sign my hospital bracelet because her music (singing it and stuff, we weren't allowed to listen to music in there) kinda kept me sane while i was in. "everything you think and everything you feel is alright alright alright alright alriiiiiight" deceptacon and rebel girl were my shower songs there. it didn't help that i was reading girls to the front and a book about riot grrrl (don't really know how that, along with ghost world, got past the nurses, but we weren't allowed to listen to music ( ̄^ ̄)) anyway, where was I? oh yeah, at the thing i did all the workshops, went to a thrift store, watched the alumni show, and then went and started the line for the show with tulia. the whole thing was kinda overwhelming so it was nice to have some quiet time just chillin, waiting for the doors to open. the first band, cosmic punk, was local and SO GOOD. i don't remember what the other bands were other than Pink Flag (so good!! and the singer was rad, we talked a while after her gig), Ex Hex (they get they're own paragraph), and, of course, The Julie Ruin. Oh! and mount moriah but i had to leave partway through their set because my anxiety was getting out of hand.

Ex Hex, a band I've been into for months, we so amazing. i was jumping around dancing during they're whole set, and i got the set list! i got them to sign it and an ad for their album i ripped out of last month's BUST magazine. I got a hug from Mary Timony and one of the rad chicks in the group we formed had Betsy sign her jacket! Oh man the group we formed was so cool. we we're right in the front and not going to move anywhere. only one or two of us left at a time to get water and merch or whatever and the others saved their spots. 

the Julie Ruin show, what i'm sure you've all been reading for, was EPIC. kathleen dedicated the song Lookout to this one girl named ELISABETH AKA ME YES SHE DEDICATED IT TO ME i started crying and felt like i was going to pass out i was so happy!!!! the show was so good i was dance crying through the whole thing and after the show a woman came up to me and said "I enjoyed watching you jam out! you looked like you were having a great time" how cool is that? then I waited around for kathleen to come out and someone saw me and said "you're elisabeth, right? kathleen's out here, you can come out this way" and she took me out a shortcut to see her!! she signed my record I got and so did one of the guys in the band, the one that sings South Coast Plaza, and I told him thats my favorite one on the album and he gave me a big hi five. it was awesome. the whole thing was awesome. it was so amazing.

xo elisabeth

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