Thursday, October 2, 2014

20 Things To Do Before Halloween

hey ghostie gals and guys! the spookiest of holidays is right around the corner and it's time to get ready for it! here's 31 fun activities to do before Halloween.

  1. decide your costume (i'm going as john water's cry baby)
  2. make some teru teru bozus
  3. do some halloween nail art
  4. wear your costume around- before halloween!
  5. watch a horror movie (might i suggest rosemary's baby?)
  6. stream a x-files marathon
  7. get a spoopy background 
  8. have a monster mash dance party
  9. contact a ghost on a oujia borad
  10. go to a haunted house
  11. get some friends and go to a graveyard and look for ghosts
  12. look up some local ghost stories
  13. go apple picking
  14. go pumpkin picking
  15. carve a jackolantern with your pumpkin
  16. make some fun halloween foods
  17. go to party city or somewhere and try on funny costumes
  18. instead of terrorizing people on hell night- perform random acts of kindness
  19. buy a big bag of mixed candy and pig out!
  20. pass out candy to kids trick-or-treating
thats all for now babycakes! 

love love love
xo elisabeth

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  1. This post was so very helpful! I have been stuck on what to do and how to prepare for halloween in all honesty and I had never heard of teru teru bozus before today!!! Thank you x